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Klimat X is rapidly developing a globally diversified forestry and blue carbon portfolio. The company owns 40 - 100% of 3 initial assets and has a development pipeline with over 3Mt diversified across LatAm, Asia and Africa. 


Working closely with local partner Compañía Mexicana de Captación de Carbono (CMCC) to restore coastal mangrove areas degraded by road infrastructure that interrupt tidal and nutrient flows, resulting in loss of biomass. Accelerated efforts are focusing on restoring 40,000 hectares of mangrove in the State of Yucatan

Mexico (Yucatan)


Focused on developing agroforestry and carbon opportunities in the country through collaboration with the national government and Pomeroon Trading Inc. Collaboration with Pomeroon is centred around rehabilitating coconut and mixed agriculture estates.



As of September 2022, 400 hectares of land previously cleared for mining and palm plantations have been planted through a rewilding reforestation project. Significant increase in planting efforts for 2023 are underway.

Ecosecurities is preparing a Full Project Design Document that will see 57,000 hectares of planting validated.

Coastal mangroves provide potential for conservation and restoration from rice paddies.

Sierra Leone
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