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Who Issues and Validates Carbon Credits? - Carbon Credits 101
Carbon Credits 101 for the Retail Investor

Carbon Credits 101 for the Retail Investor

On January 19th, 2023, Klimat X CEO Dr. James Tansey presented his Introduction to Carbon Markets to a group of retail investors. During the presentation, Dr. Tansey discussed the issues around climate change, nature-based solutions to combat it, how the carbon credit market operates, and provides an overview of Klimat X's current project portfolio. The presentation is followed up with a Q&A period where investors were able to ask follow-up questions. About Klimat X Klimat X carries on the business of developing validated and verified carbon credits from afforestation and reforestation of degraded land areas and marine ecosystems, including mangroves, for sale into international voluntary carbon markets. In contrast to streaming and royalty companies, Klimat X works upstream as a direct owner and operator of projects, addressing a key supply constraint the current market and the rapidly growing demand for carbon credits in global voluntary and regulated markets. The Corporation intends to achieve this by investing in the exploration, restoration and management of terrestrial and marine systems that can either be protected to enhance the sequestration of greenhouse gases or restored from a degraded status to fully productive ecosystems. Klimat X will draw on the experience of a senior executive team and Board that provide access into key target jurisdictions through relationships in the mining and natural resources sectors, combined with decades of experience in carbon markets. Klimat X plans to deploy capital at risk under various arrangements (including cooperation, assignment and production sharing agreements) with large land owners and governments in various suitable jurisdictions around the world.
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